There have been reports of Hummer owners having issues with the driver-side door lock, window, and mirror switches. This apparently might be due to a leak in the A-pillar and can lead to issues with the connectors.

Has anyone had this issue with their truck?

According to a recent post on the GM Techlink service website, some 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup owners have reported that the vehicle’s driver-side door lock, window, and mirror switches suddenly stopped working. This condition may be caused by a leak in the A-pillar, which can allow water to enter the inside of the upper A-pillar and lead to corrosion on one of the in-line connectors for the driver-side door switches.

To remedy this problem, GM suggests dealer technicians open up the in-line connector in the driver’s side door (labeled #1 in the image below) and use a mirror to inspect the inside of the connector for corroded terminals. At this point, the technicians are instructed to clean the terminals and/or replace any damaged terminals as needed.

In addition, GM is instructing technicians to perform a water leak test on the A-pillar of affected vehicles. To do this, the technician will remove the air inlet grille to locate the seams where the A-pillar merges to the plenum panel and inner fender, re-seal the seams, and test for leaks. The image below shows a technician properly reapplying GM’s suggested sealant to this area to prevent further leaks.