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Which Truck/SUV Would Win an Off-Road Contest?

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Saw this on the Facebook group and thought I'd bring it over here as well. Which truck/SUV wins an off-road contest?

Jeep Wrangler
Land Rover Defender
GMC Hummer EV
Ford Bronco
Rivian R1T


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Ooh...that's tough. In my totally subjective ratings system based only off what I now know, I'd rate them like this, from top to bottom:

Jeep Wrangler: 9.4/10
Ford Bronco: 8.8/10
GMC Hummer EV: 7.8/10
Land Rover Defender: 7.5/10
Rivian R1T: 6/10

Hummer slots in third only due to range and width. It blows everything out of the water with ground clearance, approach and departure angles (not only in Extract Mode, but in the more useable Terrain Mode as well). It also has massive torque, which is invaluable for offroading. The Jeep and Ford will have better overall articulation, but not by a ton. Plus, the Hummer has the Ultra-Vision cameras (which are sweet) and front and rear lockers, which help it keep up with the pack.
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Here's my rankings:
  • Ford Bronco
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • GMC Hummer
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Rivian R1T
I think the Bronco wins because from the specs I've seen the Bronco beats the Wrangler in all the major specs. I think second and third between the Wrangler and Hummer is very close but I'll give the Wrangler the nod because it weights less than the Hummer and is more maneuverable. But I wouldn't be surprised if those 2 spots were swapped. The Defender is fourth because while it's still a solid off-roader it's tailored more to the luxury crowd now compared to the old one. I really like the R1T but it finishes last because it's more mean for overlanding than serious off-roading.
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They all have their strengths and would perform differently depending what type of trail, trail width, etc. so it many respects it’s hard to compare. Obviously the Hummer loses some points based upon the price but surprisingly the Defender has one trim level costing 112k like the Hummer truck! This is the real competition to the Hummer SUV.
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