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What a year for HummerChat!

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Hello all!

With the new year coming just around the corner, I thought it would be beneficial to look back on how this site has grown substantially this past year, even in one of the worst years in recent memory...because it's worth a quick reflection.

When I joined the site way back in February, there were maybe 10 people in the membership log. There were 5 people at that point other than @Administrator who were actively keeping the site updated: @Oakwood, @JimsH3, @AllTerrain, @St00k and @BahamaTodd. The six of us were here all the time, getting all the recent Hummer news and rumors. For me personally, it was such a fun time to be a Hummer fan, because I never in a million years thought it was coming back. From the first report by the Wall Street Journal on January 10th, the best Hummer EV news collection and discussion could be found here.

As I write this now, there are 224 members registered on this site. We've had 1,700+ posts, and well over 110,000 site views. The GMC Hummer EV Facebook group, also run by Administrator, has nearly 1,000 members...we're trying to get them all on here as well lol.

The Chief Engineer of the Hummer EV, Al Oppenheiser, became a contributing member in October. Ask any of the guys over at the Camaro6 forums, the official forum of the last vehicle Al headed...when he shows up, that's a sign that you're legit.

The big reveal was scheduled for May...and when it was pushed back, the site never went quiet. The best Hummer EV enthusiasts on the planet kept the traffic steady.

People came here because it was the best place to find all things Hummer EV. We've got quite the collection of people...starting with the owners of the old Hummer vehicles. H1, H2 and H3, they all represented in surprising numbers. If the Hummer EV was going to be a success, it needed their blessing - and it got it.

We got Cybertruck defectors, Denali owners, E-Tron and F-150 guys. Rivian fans, Dodge fans, Toyota fans. There are too many to note here, but your contributions have all been excellent. It's amazing how much I (and I'm sure many others) have learned from everyone here.

The site has now been cited countless times on other sites. Motor Trend, Car and Driver, Road and Track, The Drive, CarBuzz, Fox News, CNET, AutoBlog, TFL Offroad and many others linked stories directly back to us. Talk about validation!

When the reveal happened in October, we spiked our membership by over 150%...and we've been steadily adding members week after week. No doubt it will only go up as they trucks hit the streets, and more and more people buy them and catch a glimpse, on the pavement, or off.

There were a ton of technical figures and stats dropped during and after the reveal...all the ridiculous specs...and we had them sorted out almost completely after a day or two.

We broke a number of stories here, including (most famously) the Hummer EV SUV leak, but also our predictions on the Hummer EV dimensions (thanks to the great software work of @lukeG), and the moved reveal date.

Any time a Hummer EV story lands online, it amazes me how fast it shows up here. It's come to the point where I don't even google the thing anymore, I just go to HummerChat, General Discussion/News!

And I think even beyond all this, there's a real sense of community here that we've all built. This year was a hard, tough year. But the people on this site were terrific. Despite all the division over politics, COVID, social issues, etc., no one here ever stepped out of line. There was total respect between members, and I don't expect that to change!

So well done to us all for building a successful hub for all things Hummer EV. In a year full of lots of change and upheaval, I knew that this website would always be a constant. It's been a real pleasure.

Here's hoping that we all have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, far better than the last! And in this coming year, a BIG one for the reborn Hummer brand (maybe even bigger than this last one?), I'll look forward to seeing you all here soon, dissecting all the information and putting all the pieces together. Deliveries begin this fall!

Best to you and yours,

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Thanks for putting this together @StillHummer. It has indeed been an interesting year for this community.
Looking forward to what 2021 holds!
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I'm glad I joined this forum in 2020. Looking forward to seeing everyone's trucks in the future. Thanks @StillHummer for being such a great moderator here
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@AllTerrain It was my pleasure, in fact it was fun looking back. Thanks for all the work you did this year, you had every conceivable Hummer EV press release from General Motors, GMC, etc. up and sorted out on the site within a day of the reveal. I pinned them at the top of several site sections because of how beneficial they are to newcomers looking for information. Looking forward to what releases you sniff out in the coming year with the SUV coming in February, and production starting in the Fall! Cheers, my friend 🍻

@tfp Thank you for joining 2 months back, tfp! You've been a great addition to the group. I too am looking forward to seeing members take delivery later on this year an into 2022! Should be fun to see how it all develops, make sure to keep yourself up to date and visit the site often!
Really well said @StillHummer! 2020 was certainly full of downs but this site has certainly been a positive for us Hummer fans. Thanks to you and everyone else for making the site what it is today. With production and deliveries on the horizon we have a lot to look forward to this year for the Hummer EV.
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