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The Watts to Freedom Mode (WTF) is what makes the Hummer EV the "Supertruck" that can hit 0-60 in 3 seconds.

What happens when WTF mode's engaged is:
  • Ride height lowered by 2 inches
  • electronically controlled dampers are stiffened
  • Puts the three-motors on full power
  • Motor inverters unlock additional current and initiate additional cooling
  • The seats rumble and the speakers make bass sounds to let you know what's going on
  • Put foot on brake, put foot on accelerator, and let go of brake

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Love that name lol, great trolling there. As expected, the Tesla fanboys hate it, because it sounds like something Elon would have come up with. I love this, not just the performance, but the "Watts to Freedom" name...we're turning electrons into insane speed!
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