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I saw that! I was really excited to see that get picked up by a magazine! The author definitely had a different opinion than my own, but that's why they are writing the article and not me lol. From my point of view, I thought the takeaway from the video is that the EV was able to navigate better than the H1 despite being the same width on paper. It performed similar to an H2 and didn't take nearly as long as the H1, but hey I guess they are not fans of wide vehicles in general. I would be curious to see what you guys thought the takeaway of the video is based on the performance of both vehicles.
To be honest, I went into the video expecting to be surprised by the results based on your first post and came out thinking that it went exactly as I expected. The HEV’s rear wheel steering gives it an advantage over the H1 and makes it seem smaller than its dimensions. It’s bigger than the H1 but seemed to get through the trees relatively easily compared to the H1.

Re the article, I think most of us on here are comparing the performance of the HEV to the H1 but the author is clearly more focused on HEV vs. non-Hummers. In that sense, I understand the focus on size because the HEV’s size does potentially make navigating off-road more difficult at times. I don’t think that is a big revelation.

The one thing I thought was more interesting in the video that was highlighted in the article was how jerky the HEV looked at times. It looked to me like the HEV’s power could be hard to manage while trying to navigate tight spaces. Would be curious if that is consistent with people’s actual experiences or if, as the article suggests, the driver didn’t switch to off-road mode in the video (and how much that would have helped).
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