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Vanderhall is working on its first four-wheel, all-electric off-roader that looks highly spec'd. Beyond anything I've seen from GM.

Vanderhall Releases Offload Adventure Vehicle

PROVO, UT (September 14, 2020) – Today, Vanderhall Motor Works released a video (available for native download below) of its new offering: the Vanderhall Navarro. The video release first references the 200,000 square foot expansion that effectively doubles Vanderhall's existing production space "to make room for one of our greatest ideas ever." Then it teases a supposed Three-Wheeled Venice Off-Road Edition as that idea. However, a huge 30,000 lb. concrete block suddenly falls onto and crushes the prototype in a ball of flame as a silhouetted off-road vehicle rumbles up on top of the wall and crushed Venice, introducing the actual new model, the Vanderhall Navarro.

YouTube Vanderhall Navarro:

"In an effort to provide new and disruptive products to bolster our dealer's profitability, cement our brand's status as the premium powersports manufacturer, and expand our total market share, Vanderhall is pleased to announce the Navarro as our next evolutionary model. The four-wheel, all-electric, off-road Vanderhall Navarro will have many groundbreaking technologies and firsts for any production powersports model," said R. Scott Bell, Vanderhall COO.

Vanderhall released the following production timeline for the Vanderhall Navarro:
09/14/2020 10:00 am EST
* Initial product reveal via teaser product reveal video.
* Secondary product release with additional information and media assets.
* Product update with specifications and features fully defined.
* Dealer distribution requirements release
Summer 2021
* Preorder made available
The Navarro is estimated to be released as a 2022 Vanderhall Model Lineup.

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That's really interesting...I've never heard of Vanderhall. Cool concept!

I have to admit though, it's weird that they announce this today, and reveal it the day before GMC reveals the Hummer lol.
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