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Upgrading Brakes

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I heard from some folks that the Hummer EV is seriously under-braked. Can any owners chime in on their experiences with braking?

Is it possible to upgrade the brakes on the Hummer EV? I've seen videos of people upgrading their Tesla's (before the carbon ceramic brakes were available). Would the process be similar for the Hummer?
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Seems fine to me... considering it's a 9000+# vehicle. And I drive it hard a lot.
Between the Regen and regular brakes I feel the stopping power is more than adequate!
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No issues with braking over the last 22,000 miles.
In the one pedal driving mode most reviewers mention the regen alone is like slamming on the brakes, so unless you’re tracking the Hummer (lol) what it has seems sufficient.
I think you have to adjust the regen braking setting. Technically Tesla's braking is "underpowered" too if you charge it to max and don't let the regen do some of the work of the brakes.
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