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The Silverado EV Must...

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Now that we have seen the refreshed ICE Silverado, and while GM fixed the glaring problems with the post 2019 model, the refresh really does not break any new ground (outside of OTA capability, and Supercruise), Now its time to think about the Silverado EV and what it must deliver in terms of features. What do you guys think?

A few things I am thinking about...

* GM must put the Silverado EV on a serious diet from the Hummer Ev, and try to make it more efficient.

*Silverado EV must have shared power capability, of at least 5 kW

*Range estimations that correct for hauling and towing

* Priced correctly from the start.

*Suspension with better body control than HummerEv, not a hobby horse...
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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