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The Hummer EV Reservation Tracking List

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This collaborative reservation tracker is useful for the GMC Hummer EV community to see order dates, reservation locations, and the popularity of various trims. Please add your order details to the list:

Step 1: Complete Short Form Here
Step 2: Confirm entry in this discussion thread so we can keep the list active.
Step 3: View Results

Share the reservation tracker so we can add more entries. In the future, the thread will be updated with interesting statistics based on the entries.
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Just completed the form. Pretty cool to see the varied locations. It's not really overbearing in one area over another.
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We aren't showing the option to order yet at the dealership. I know it has to be very soon though for fall deliveries. Our only 22 model year vehicles to order right now are Acadia, Terrain and the HD trucks. It is not showing any Hummer options yet.
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