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i visit this forum to learn about the Hummer EV and general education on EV ownership. i have a reservation in for the truck and the SUV but decided the SUV works better for my needs so eventually i will cancel the truck reservation. i have to admit i find it disappointing that a popular fix for EVs is simply, "Oh yeah, disconnect the 12v battery" (usually messaged with a tone suggesting everyone should know that).... sorry to say that sounds like an absurd solution and something about 1 in a 1000 EV owners will know how to do or have the tools with them to do it in an emergency. the industry better come up with something smarter or they won't get very far selling more of these. this is a multi-thousand pound vehicle, potentially out in public traffic or high risk situation. it's not as trivial as rebooting a PC in your home or office.
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