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Jalopnik went through the history of electric vehicles from the 1900's to now and explain why the electric Hummer is going to change how we view electric vehicles.

They talk about how the Hummer is being hyped up like other powerful cars that run on a gas engine. EVs are now being advertised with the same irrational glee as any car: look how crazy fast this thing is!

Now, with this EV Hummer announcement, we’re entering Stage 4. This stage is new for a few key reasons, all of which you can see—or, more accurately, not see— in the EV Hummer announcement.

First, there’s the Hummer name and brand itself, which is about as anti-environmental as one could imagine. The connotation of “Hummer” has always been actively hostile to any sort of ecological awareness, in a very brutal and almost childishly reactionary way. If people drove hybrid Priuses and EV Leafs as a way to say “love the Earth” via their car, then driving a Hummer said “fuck the Earth.”

Next, there’s the specs that were revealed: Incredible numbers like 1,000 horsepower, 0 to 60 mph in three seconds, and that ridiculous 11,500 pound-feet of torque (this is probably wheel torque, but it doesn’t really matter for my point here) and, significantly, absolutely no mention of range.

So, what does this say about the new era of EVs? In a way, they’ve fully arrived into the mainstream, because the same ridiculous things are being boasted about, and the EV-specific traits that were once so important (range numbers and the idea of environmental benefit) are nowhere to be seen.

EVs are now being advertised with the same irrational glee as any car: look how crazy fast this thing is! It’s the same way the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, that 840 HP street-legal drag car was advertised, yet the two vehicles couldn’t really be more different.

Can you really make use of 1,000 HP in your normal driving? Fuck, no. Is this likely gigantic and heavy-ass SUV going to be great on a track? I seriously doubt it. Will its range actually be important? Absolutely. Will it be more environmentally friendly than the original Hummer? Again, absolutely, though you could probably say the same thing about a small tire fire.

This all means that now EVs are just another kind of car in our minds. They don’t need to have their unique traits pointed out, no matter how important those traits may actually be. We’re now in the era where EVs get promoted and advertised and understood with the same delerious irrationality as any other car out there.

And yes, this is progress, and it’s good. Welcome to Stage 4, everybody, where EVs are as fast and stupid as everything we already love.
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