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Rumor on the 2022 GMC Hummer EV Reveal Date...

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Hey HummerChat family,

Hope everyone is safe and well. Seems like forever since ANY news came out on the moved reveal date for the Hummer EV, doesn't it? Maybe with the Bronco reveal coming up, the figured that would take away from the headlines, who knows.

Anyways, I know a guy who is very involved with the GMC brand in several capacities. He doesn't work directly for GMC, but he deals with them often and has many contacts from within. Recently, after a long time of not reaching out, I contacted him to ask if he had any news on the Hummer.

FULL DISCLAIMER - I really don't want to be the "I have sources" guy who pretends he knows everything because someone told him something totally unsubstantiated. To be clear, I have absolutely no idea if this is right or wrong, for all I know it could be total bogus!

Either way, he said that he talked to "a couple sources" from GMC who told him 3 things:

1.) The Hummer EV SUT reveal has been pushed back...until JANUARY 2021. This, if true, really deflated my balloon. Talk about a punch to the gut. While he has credibility to back it up, I also know that a GM exec recently said that the plan was for both the Lyriq and Hummer to be unveiled "this year" I don't know what to think here. He told me the media will get the statement in the next month or so, depending on COVID conditions.

2.) Assuming he's right on the reveal date, he said that the Hummer EV SUT will actually be joined by the Hummer EV SUV for the January 2021 reveal. Initially, I guess the SUV wasn't going to be unveiled for several months after the SUT, but now, apparently they're coming at the same time.

3.) Last piece is also good news. Again assuming truth here, the SUV will start production far earlier than expected, in Fall of 2021, just like the SUT.

So to summarize...we may have to wait another 6 months for the reveal, but the trade-off would be having the SUV revealed and produced way ahead of schedule.

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Also, second update, another person recently told me that the next teaser is coming in August. Again, no idea if this is true, maybe I'm just bored haha. The new teaser might also confirm when the new reveal date is...we shall see.
If your friend is right and the reveal has been pushed back until January that's a huge blow for GM. The electric truck/SUV market is heating up and even though it's not electric, the Bronco is going to be huge for Ford.

On top of that a delay that large isn't helpful for GMs goal to have 10 production EVs by 2025.

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