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Rivian R1T Media Drives

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Rivian R1T media drives are coming next week, might break cover before the Hummer EV drives? I think this will be interesting to hear EV media comparisons between the 2. What do you guys expect to hear?

My expectations going in the HummerEV will win on

Cool factor
Features (4 wheels steer) others?

Rivian R1T will win on

Top Speed
Road Handling
Capabilities (payload and towing)

I really wonder which will be a better off roader?
Overall Winner?
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Apparently photos have started to surface from the media event. Seems like it's happening in Colorado.

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Apparently photos have started to surface from the media event. Seems like it's happening in Colorado.

A lot of EV media drives the next 2 weeks, Rivian, HummerEV, and Lucid all hosting events
Lots of early reservation holders getting invited to these events for test drives and ride-alongs. Alas, my R1T reservation is a ways down the list so I didn’t make the cut to attend this one. I know someone getting a launch edition R1T. They’re hoping to hear something any day now. I was kinda bummed I couldn’t attend this event, I’m in Colorado thru next week. I’ll be going to the F-150 Lightning event in Denver on Monday.

I think the Hummer EV (Edition 1 and 3X) will win on range at least until Rivian drops their max pack next year. Not so sure the Hummer EV will win on features. The R1T is pretty jam-packed with stuff with the quad-motor drive, tank turn (tire eater) ability, onboard air compressor, gear tunnel, full size spare, multi-functional tailgate and some power ports. Hummer has size and a bit more HP/ torque, should be more roomy and hopefully more comfortable inside. If it has the same or similar seats as to what’s in the current Sierra/Silverado that could be a deal breaker for me. Hummer is definitely more niche and unique, more cool overall. Really wish I could spend a day with each.

When my R1T comes up for production I’ll probably get it unless the Hummer is already in my garage and ticks all the boxes.
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