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Waiting on my Spring 2022 Delivery ED1
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On the other hand, the Rivian has a smaller bed (shorter and narrower), doesn’t have any physical buttons so it has inferior ergonomics, has no distribution/stores whatsoever, has an inferior frunk which is hard to access, no removable roof and is inferior off-road. So it all depends upon what people find important!
Inferior off road? how do you know? Seeing some youtube videos R1T is extremely good off road, and went places I am not sure the Hummer EV could go through.
At this point, even with trucks supposedly en route to dealers, we really don't have much insight into how the Hummer will perform off-road (outside of images of the trucks at Moab and the 2-foot high boulder course at the GM proving grounds).

While I understand the need for secrecy at GM, they might want to trickle out a bit more information at some point.

We do know, however, that the Rivian has a more sophisticated air and hydraulic suspension system which could be a great benefit off-road or a detractor, depending on reliability (which is yet to be proven, of course), and the Demuro and other videos show the Rivian traction control system getting confused in slippery situations (whereas the Hummer has at least a more traditional locker setup). Also, much lighter weight - the Hummer's weight, as many of us has noted, may be a big detractor generally (though note eight lug hubs vs. five on the Rivian and I suspect things may just be generally "beefier" on the Hummer).
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