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If you want to understand where the Hummer stacked up...

No matter how you compare it, the R1T's value stands up. Put it against the only other electric truck out there, the GMC Hummer EV pickup, and the Rivian hauls more, tows more, has a nicer interior, has more storage space, drives better, rides and handles better, is only slightly slower in a straight line, and costs tens of thousands of dollars less.

Although Rivian deliberately designed the R1T to appeal to a wealthier, active-lifestyle audience rather than the blue-collar crowd, the truck isn't limited by this decision. As evidence: It can haul hay bales and pull horse trailers, and it can conquer Moab's famous Hell's Revenge trail. As a truck, it nails its intended function.
On the other hand, the Rivian has a smaller bed (shorter and narrower), doesn’t have any physical buttons so it has inferior ergonomics, has no distribution/stores whatsoever, has an inferior frunk which is hard to access, no removable roof and is inferior off-road. So it all depends upon what people find important!
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