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They really should not compare the Rivian R1T with the Hummer EV. They are in different leagues. Yea, both electric, both ground breaking engineering designs, both pickup trucks, but that's it!
I don't think IMHO people will be deciding on which one they should get. You got your HUMMER People and you have everyone else. Just like the Presidency You have your Trump People and then you have everyone else. Not to get political about it, it's just the way it is, right or wrong!
I'm a HUMMER Guy, I've had an H1, H2, & H3. Still have the H2 and love it despite what all the Naysayers have said about it since 2003!
So that being said, I can't wait to take my Hummer EV to cars and coffee in Beverly!!!!
Well, If they added a new category of Hummer of the Year, do you think the Hummer EV would win it?

I have reservations for both trucks. Plan on taking delivery on both trucks and keeping the one that I like better. It's probably going to be the Rivian. I don't want a Hummer just because it's a Hummer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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