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Ride height sensors BACKORDERED

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We were emailed last week that we can take our trucks in after July 1st to have the truck software reprogrammed and to have the new ride height sensors installed for the extract mode.

And…. There is a recall for a suspension part, which started on July 1st.

I dropped my truck off at the dealership this morning (1/2 hour drive), but they just called me and said that both parts are backordered. Why would GM tell us that we can take our trucks in if the parts aren’t yet available? Parts won’t be available for 30-60 days. It’s not surprising that many things are on backorder, but this could’ve been handled better from a customer service standpoint.
I’d recommend that anyone needing this service to call the dealership to order the parts beforehand.
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Currently GM dealerships are now allowed to stock any Hummer parts. We have to order all parts per need and also have to make a TAC case with GM to get anything. GM/Engineering are monitoring everything. They only just updated the protocol so when we have a bad/damaged accessory we can just get a new one from GM without having to contact GM TAC first. Still have factory install part order restriction.
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