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Recall N222362090 High Voltage Connector Backing Plate Corrosion

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Just noticed a new recall hit yesterday.

Program Title:

High Voltage Connector Backing Plate Corrosion - Exp. 8/31/2024

Program Description:

Certain 2022 model year GMC HUMMER EV and BrightDrop EV600 vehicles may have a condition in which the high voltage connector may corrode and allow water to leak into the high voltage battery. A Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) may illuminate if this issue occurs.

Repair Description:

Dealers will apply sealant to seal the high voltage connector.
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Picked mine back up today after getting this recall completed. Service manager's laughing comment was "that recall scared the shit out of us.. first time we've had to touch anything related to the power unit and battery on one of these things". They had to pull the entire skid plates off to get to the connector but at least they didnt have to drop the battery pack.
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How long did it take them to complete the job?
I’m still waiting to hear from the dealer.
They were pretty slammed with appointments so I dropped it yesterday morning and got a call around noon today it was done. Like the other projects they have done (Extract mode) mine has been the first they've ever done something on so I dont mind it taking a little longer for them to work with TAC and be sure its correct.
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