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Welcome to the forum!
Is that a recent picture? It looks almost brand new!

Did you get a reservation just for fun? I thought about it, but going to wait a bit longer until the more affordable versions get closer to reality.
Thank you! Yes that's a new picture from a couple weeks ago, truck is immaculate inside and out, almost like the day I drove it off the lot and now that Im retired I have plenty of time for lots of intricate detailing :)

Didn't try for a reservation, even the cheapest version would be 50k over my budget.. lol. My hummer brand new was 29k out the door in 2005 ;) It's the base model with manual transmission.

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Welcome @H3humvee! I love your Hummer, I too was always a huge fan of the old brand, and am thrilled to see it return!

I haven't reserved one either, but the rumor has it that GM is strongly considering bringing a smaller version to market down the line, so keep that in mind. Same thing they did before...start with the bigger H2, feel out the market, and if the H2 takes off, bring in an H3. The H2 did take off, hence the H3. Now we wait and see if the Hummer EV does the same...
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