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Hey everyone!

I just picked up my 22' EV in white and love it so far. Although I'm a car enthusiast, I'm new to the truck world and thought this would be a good place to ask some, most likely, easy questions for you guys to answer. An inspiration for me is this Hummer H1 in competition yellow (picture attached), and although I like these wheels that are on it in this photo, I would like to have another model of Fuel wheel –

The wheels I want to go with –
- 24" Fuel Off-Road - Maverick D538 in black

Questions for you – Based on the photo –
  • What 24" offset do you think I could run to achieve that same amount of poke? The sizes listed on their website are: 24x8.25 / 24x10 / 24x12 / 24x14
  • What off-road 24" tires do you think would be suitable? I do a lot of city driving but still want to keep the off-road look, while trying to achieve a somewhat comfortable ride inside the cabin

Thank you in advance for any advice you might have!



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