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Yes, I am interested in the Audi Q4 EV. Obviously a lot smaller but the reviews overseas rave about it. A couple years ago I thought I was interested in the Mercedes EQS SUV until they axed it in the US! No clue why they did that but have no desire to drive a car. Also test drove the model X a while back and really liked it, but the new slightly redesigned is delayed. Being an Audi guy I feel like there may be a Q8 all electric right around corner. The Escalade is a great looking vehicle as well that I would consider if they came out with an all-electric. Supposedly the HummerEV will weigh around 9K lbs, so I can't imagine the Escalade would come in too much heavier. Just way too much coming down the pipe... at the end of the day it doesn't matter what range the EV gets, it's more about where is the next charging station!
Did you get a chance to check out the e-tron SUV currently being sold?
I hear a lot of good things about them.
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