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Official GM Preliminary Specs/Options Sheet - Great Reference

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Here's the current options and specs compilation for the Hummer EV, for all models. This is bound to expand as more details are released, but for now, this is pretty handy for reference. seems like all Hummers have e4WD, with no RWD variant. The "X" in the trims seems to stand for "extended range."






AvailabilitySpring 2024Spring 2023Fall 2022Fall 2021
Power (hp)6256258001,000
Wheel torque (lb-ft)7,4007,4009,50011,500
0-60 mph (seconds)tbdtbdtbdApprox. 3.0
Estimated range (miles)250+300+300+350+
Fast charge capability400 volts800 volts800 volts800 volts
Fast charge speedn/a350 kW350 kW350 kW
Four-wheel independent suspensionSSSS
Front e-lockers and virtual rear lockers-AAS
Heavy-duty ball-spline half shafts-AAS
Full Underbody Armor-AAS
Steel sliders and skid plates-AAS
22-inch wheelsSSSS
35-inch OD Goodyear Wrangler All Territory tiresSSSS
37-inch OD tiresAAAA
MultiPro TailgateSSSS
Infinity RoofSSSS
Rear Drop GlassSSSS
Super Cruise (with trial period)SSSS
HD Surround VisionSSSS
Bose 14-speaker audio systemSSSS
12.3-inch Driver Information DisplaySSSS
13.4-inch infotainment system touchscreenSSSS
Digital KeySSSS
Adrenaline ModeSSSS
One-pedal drivingSSSS
Regen on DemandSSSS
GMC ProGrade Trailering TechnologyAAAA
Four-wheel steering-SSS
Adaptive Air Suspension-SSS
Extract Mode-AAA
Adaptive Ride Control-SSS
UltraVision with underbody cameras-AAS
Torque Vectoring--SS
22-inch Premium wheels--SS
Watts to Freedom Mode---S
Extreme Off-Road Package---S
Infinity Roof with Modular Transparent Sky Panels---S
Exclusive Interior Badge---S
Lunar Horizon themed interiorAAAS
White exterior paint---S
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