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Official Ford F-150 Lightning discussion thread

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Hi all,
Inspired by the Official Rivian discussion thread, I thought it would be good to have a spot to collect all the news and info on the Ford Lightning. It's kinda the elephant in the room as we wait for the Hummer EV to finally arrive (and dominate). And while I have no issues with anyone who just wants to hate on the thing, I do think Ford has done a great job making a pretty radical electric pickup that looks almost indistinguishable from a boring old F-150.馃槾

If you want to dive in, you can jump in on the sister forum over at Lightning Owners, but if you'd rather stay here, I'll keep updating this thread with news and more info.
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A great place to start is to poke around the Lightning reservation tracker. It's got a ton of data about what spec folks are ordering and what vehicles they're replacing.
There's also just a bunch of complaining about how long they've all had to wait:sneaky:

Interestingly, Ford says 70% of its customers are new to both the brand and to trucks, which doesn't seem to jibe with the data in the reservation tracker (though that's obviously a subsection of the total orders). I do wonder though if Ford is getting creative with the counting so as to make the Lightning look like more of a conquest vehicle rather than something that's cannibalizing ICE F-150 sales.
Sticking with the how long folks are waiting for their trucks (and without trying to get too smug, since who knows if GM will be able to deliver any faster), there seems to be some competing rumours on when deliveries will begin. The soonest seems to be spring of 2022, but there's another thread suggesting Lightnings may not actually begin shipping until next September.
If you've been considering a Lightning, this thread suggests the Ford order bank will probably open to all come January (which is soon!).

If you do place, an order, remember to use that reservation tracking list, and say Hi in the welcome thread if you join that forum too.
I joked a bit about the Lightning being dull to look at. It's definitely more demure than the Hummer, but it's not exactly ugly, and Ford is offering just a ton of different paint options. You can check out photos of all the options:

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Probably the biggest appeal for the Lightning vs. the Hummer is price. This thread breaks down all the trims and pricing. The TL;DR is that the pricing gap gets much smaller when you consider the base equipment of the Hummer EV, but if you don't need all that stuff, the Lightning offers more configurations.
Here's Doug DeMuro's very Doug-DeMuro-style walk-through of all the details from the Lightning's debut. He obviously spends a lot of time on the frunk, but there's a lot more to it.

One of the best stories is how Ford mocked up the frunk with cardboard.

There's also some interesting patent drawings that suggest there are some cool accessories coming.
If I still lived in the city and needed a smaller and agile truck the R1T would be it!
Ford picked up a couple awards this week with the Lightning (and Maverick) being named among Popular Science's greatest automotive innovations for 2021 and CEO Jim Farley being named Motor Trend's Person of the Year

Maybe next year for the Hummer and Mary Barra ;)
Speaking of Jim Farley, he got Ford some good press last month by promising to produce 600,000 EVs per year by 2023. That would make Ford the world's second-largest EV producer behind only Tesla. That's awesome if they can pull it off, but considering members on the Lightning forum are hearing from dealers that the company may only produce 10K Lightnings next year, it seems like they've got a mountain to climb still.
Ford announced details of it's fleet EV management software today. It's called Ford Pro Charging and it's a pretty impressive suite of controls for fleet managers, letting them see and control how the EVs are charged.
More here:Ford Launches "Ford Pro Charging" Management...
This Lightning forum member shared their experience with getting their garage ready to charge their truck. I figured some of us might benefit: Ev charger guide
There's been so much talk about the stock prices at Tesla and Rivian, but Ford is low-key killing it
I hadn't really thought about it before, but now I'm fixated on it - Why doesn't Ford offer the Lighting with a front bench?
Maybe the Sierra or Silverado EVs will have six-seat option
For California buyers, Ford is offering a "sustainable charging program" where it will track your charging (it's an opt-in program) and then generate or buy an certificates for the generation of green energy.
They seem to be going out of their way to create a paper trail so they're not accused of greenwashing, I suppose.
More charging news for the Lightning - Ford announced vehicle-to-vehicle charging with the Lightning being able to deliver roughly Level 2 charging to other EVs in need of a top-up
Ford finally confirmed the battery specs for the Lightning and they're quite a lot smaller than what either the Hummer EV or Rivian R1T are coming with.
It looks like Ford is finally sending out notices about being able to order a Lightning in the new year. January has been speculated for a while, but this looks official
Cool behind-the-scenes shots from a wintry Ford photo shoot for the Lightning
Here's a really cool video tour of the Lightning given by the truck's chief engineer
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