I never noticed this at first but in these photos of the damaged Hummer prototype there's stickers in the back window that show some of the trails it has been on.

The sticker on the top right is Windrock Park in Oliver Springs, Tennessee and the tope left sticker is the Arizona Hikers Guide (trails around Phoenix, Sedona, and Tucson)

Anyone know what the other stickers are?

In the top right, for example, we see a sticker for Windrock Park. Located in Oliver Springs, Tennessee, Windrock Park offers 73,000 acres of off-roading trails made for a diversity of off-roading vehicles, which makes it a great place to test something like the GMC Hummer EV.

In the upper left, we see a sticker for the Arizona Hikers Guide, which covers trails around Phoenix, Sedona, and Tucson, among others. Although these are all hiking trails, rather than off-roading trails, the GMC Hummer EV would be a great vehicle to deliver passengers to the trail head.

The other two stickers along the bottom have us scratching our heads – are these more trails where the GMC Hummer EV can show its off-roading prowess? If you know, dear reader, make sure to tell us in the comments!

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