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Have had some odd experiences in the truck the last week or so. Figured this community might have some insights or commentary:

- Vehicle does NOT consistently lower to entry/exist height when put in Park w/ setting enabled. Doing manual selection of lower height also doesnt actually change the height either, nothing happens manually swapping between normal and lowered exit height. Happens about 50% of the time we put the truck in park. Before the Extract mode sensor replacement / software update the truck was 100% consistent with lowering. Dealership said everything is correct after taking it in for a review after the Extract update they did since I was the first they had done.

- When starting the truck, the right third of the driver console display its at the spinning orange circle indefinitely. Manually scrolling left or right on the steering wheel controls immediately swaps to the next screen and going back pulls up the original widget without issue (doesnt seem to matter if its vehicle info / audio / etc that was supposed to display when turning on)

- Wife said today when she started the truck after having it off for a couple minutes at kid school pickup the infotainment screen was white for several minutes before finally displaying the H intro logo and ultimately booting back up to Google maps which was what was on the screen when she turned the truck off

- Plugged the truck in this afternoon at 45% charged. We've have Home Location set and Preferred charging hours configured for 10pm-5am 7 days a week with a Home charge schedule of 80% by am 7 days a week since we got it. Despite the configuration the truck immediately started charging and display said 80% charge would be completed by 11pm tonight so I unplugged it. I manually plugged the truck in at 9:30pm and it again immediately started charging with an estimated 80% charge by 4am. All other times connecting to the home charger it immediately clicks off unless the truck has been at very low SOC levels which couldnt fully charge during the Preferred time window.

If anyone has had similar issues or have any ideas on resolutions to any lets hear them.

The issue with the lowering is likely the leveling system issue a few have reported. There are some sensor/software problems in the leveling system, and if the vehicle does not know how level it is, it does not want to adjust the height. I am thinking this will turn out to be a communications/ software issue.

On the charging App, I have set mine for charge immediately to 80%, and 2 of 3 times it did not stop at 80%, and just kept charging. This system is buggy.

I have had a slow boot on the infotainment, but just 20-30 seconds, not minutes. One thing I really like about the Hummer system compared to our Tesla is when you push the start button in the Hummer, you can shift to gear immediately and go, My Tesla Y, I usually have to wait 10 or so seconds after getting in before it will shift from park (annoying) I end up actuating the shifter multiple times as I am impatient.
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