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No heritage?

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Why doesn’t GM create a stronger connection to the past Hummers like ford did with the bronco? I understand the gas guzzling bad image, but what about building on the Hummer heritage more through other means ? The only thing that connects the EV to past Hummers is the name, the design screams Hummer but why is GMC being emphasized so when it’s a sub brand ? Does anyone else feel a lack of connection to the past hummers too? And if this is a sub brand, do you think we might see smaller hummers like the HX again?

It just feels like Gm is trying to distance itself a lot from the old hummers, while using its brand cachet for Evs and batteries ?
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Its really all what you and the community at large make of the "connection". I'm a Hummer guy, owned the H1 and H2's and for me there is a connection with the EV. Time will tell. I'd like to think if this pans out successfully GM makes it more than a sub brand again but who knows. Alas some want the past to die but I could yank on that chain all day long here I suspect. Let's go "Tom" said w a smile
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