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Ya, I heard that too, both Ford and GM are tooling for over 500K each by 2025, Tesla may have missed their chance at truck market dominance. To be honest, Cybertruck as designed may never make production, as that TIG welded stainless body is always going to be slow to build, heavy, and expensive, and I wonder how they will keep the body from discoloring and distorting when welded, the more heat you put in by trying to weld fast, the more discoloration and distortion, look at the wrinkle finish of his rockets in Texas if you wonder, and those are welded much slower then a high production pickup would be.

No new models in 2022, and not even working on the $25K car were shocking to investors, and the stock is paying the price today.
I feel like the cybertruck is probably going to hit market saturation pretty quickly with how polarizing the looks are. I also have to imagine that keeping the production numbers down could be an attempt to maintain the residual value proposition.
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