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Thanks for posting, great video. We towed our airstream over that same pass 20 times, I think we averaged ~10mpg with our SUV on camping trips, we were always stopping for gas, but as you all know it only takes a few minutes to fill up.
Im really impressed the hummer made it both ways. EVs still aren’t practical for getting to the places I would want to go with a camper, and more importantly getting back, but nice to know you aren’t completely locked in to a small radius if you’re towing.
I wonder how it would do on flat land? Guessing not too different given the incline / regen probably nets out
They'd probably get less range. Mountain passes generally mean slower speeds, so less of a penalty for wind resistance, which is the biggest range killer for an EV overall. It does take a lot of energy to tow up the mountain, but you gain back quite a bit on the other side.
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