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I’m hoping a different set of eyes can help me.

I’ve scoured this site for a solution to my problem and see things that start out right but veer off. And I realize that I’m not supposed to post a new thread if the topic has already bans covered by a previous thread so I apologize if it’s been covered before.

I have a 2003 H2 and a while back my climate control module became unresponsive. It still had juice and the display showed a temperature but neither the knobs nor the buttons would do anything. It would only blow hot air and only out of the defrost vents.

So after doing a lot of research, I determined the problem was that module. So I ordered a renewed one, got it installed and it worked perfectly for about four days then it went stupid again. Thinking that the new module went bad after four days, I sent it back for a refund and ordered another one. I installed it, it went through its programming sequence just as the instructions said it would for a successful installation, then unresponsive and no display.

I have a friend tell me if the latest installation wasn’t successful, to check the BCM that it was probably the issue. I might add that over a year ago I lost all power in the passenger door. My friend said that a problem with the BCM could cause issues with the passenger door AND the climate control module.

Has anyone had a similar experience and how did you fix it? If it was a bad BCM, where is it located and how do I change it out? Could something else be causing my issues? It’s starting to warm up here in west Texas and I’m starting to panic over not having AC in the ride. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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