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New from Orange County

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Patiently waiting on my Edition 1 to arrive, which thankfully I've just been told won't be long now. Looking forward to learning more about this new EV and sharing experiences with mine. They shipped my wall charger a few weeks ago now so thankfully that's all ready, now just waiting for the Hummer to crab walk its way here. Dealer says possibly month-end or early Feb as I got in very very early on the reservation list - their other client who managed to get their name down not a million miles after mine just got told his won't arrive until fall so I'm counting myself very lucky.

No stranger to EV's, previously owned a youtube famous Tesla Model S 85, sold that and now have a 2021 Model Y Long Range and a 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe although the latter is obviously a hybrid but its mind-blowing 15 miles of electricity is fun too. I'm often found at various Cars & Coffee's in the OC on weekends so hopefully might bump into a few Edition 1 owners there too in the future.
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Hello and welcome to the forums!!

I look forward to your insight once you get yours!
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