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Hi Everyone, I've lurked here a bit and figured I'd register and join the party before all the info starts flowing. I have a Hummer EV3x reservation and on the wait-list for Edition 1. I've owned lots of trucks, managed fleets of trucks, love cars. I've been a Tesla owner for over 4 years and really like where EVs are headed. While I have a reservation for the Cybertruck, and I like a lot of what it promises, I just feel the Hummer EV is shaping up to be more of what I want.

While I'm at it, do we have interior dimensions for the pickup bed yet? I don't think I've seen anything specific...
Welcome @MojoMonkey, thank for for joining us! Glad to have you here, thanks for introducing yourself!

I assume you've had a Model S? I'm with you though, the Cybertruck is certainly interesting and promises ridiculous specs....but I can't get past the looks lol. The Hummer, by contrast, looks fantastic imho. But that's subjective!

As far as the bed goes, the only measurement we have is that the bed is 5 feet info on the other bed dimensions. I'd guess about 4 1/2 ft wide? But that's only a guess.
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