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The night of the launch for the SUV, April 3rd 2021, I reserved a First Edition SUV. The instructions stated I would receive an email confirmation within 24hrs. My credit card was charged, appearing as a charge from my local GMC dealer. I then received numerous emails about updates and such, but never a reservation number. More than a year later, I still do not have any information about my order aside from my credit card receipt. I have contacted the HUMMER EV hotline and they were not helpful at all. I contacted my dealer who directed me back to the HUMMER EV hotline.

I have ordered, several vehicles in the past with no issues, including a Bronco, MACH-E, and a i7. I'm running out of ideas as to how to track down my reservation #. Anyone have any suggestions? Even if someone could direct me to a person to contact? Anything at all, getting kind of desperate and disappointed in GM.

I buy lots of cars, never owned a GM and from my experience with the HUMMER, probably will not ever own a GM...
The concierge can look it up and send an email to you if needed, and if you actually do have a reservation which sounds like ya should if charged, etc. Good luck.
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