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I reached out to both the Hummer EV concierge and my dealer. The concierge has escalated it to the next level. The dealer could care less. Makes me apprehensive as to what service from them will be like in the future. What happen to the days when a dealer courted you? the days they valued your business?

I have the charge on my credit card as really the only proof that my order was placed (and what time). I didn't think I needed to due a screen shot as the prompt said I would receive a confirmation email within 24hrs. I sent my credit card statement as proof but still awaiting a response. I received so many generic updates on the HUMMER EV, that I assumed it was due to my confirmed reservation.

Was wondering if anyone else has had any problems with their reservation or if I'm just the unlucky one?
I had the same problem as you. Nothing that I had showed what my reservation number was. I was lucky though. The concierge was able to look up the email that was sent and forwarded to me. Keep trying the concierge until you get a person who can help. It’s hit and miss with the concierge support.
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