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That is my hope too. With less than a ~1,000 out there in the world, I'm sure it is very rare for anyone in the after market to have seen one yet. I'm hedging my bets the same way you are, hopefully by the time my number is called they'll have something that works consistently OR good aftermarket options.
Went with the factory option (or I should say optioned since I have no truck yet) since I also think there won't be many aftermarket options for a while. The GM version looks like it's probably made by Truck Hero, which is one of the biggest manufacturers (including ownership of Retrax), and they probably have an exclusivity agreement with Hummer to only provide through that channel for some period of time. Looks like it may be a Roll-N-Lock style cover to me, and TH also makes the Elevate rack they sell on the GMC accessory site.
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