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I just recently made a reservation for an EV3x and have asked GMC EV concierge about this but still wondering will there be any accessories for loading and unloading a motorcycle onto the bed. If anyone has information about this like a link or video please post. I would ideally like to see some option for lifting or rolling a motorcycle onto the bed without any after market equipment.
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I use a Ready Ramp.
It is a loading ramp that then converts into a bed Extendor...
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Since you already have the ramp it makes since for you to continue using it. If that is you loading it by yourself (in the picture) I do not think you will be able to do this due to the height of the GMC Hummer EV (GHEV). I think for the amount we are paying there should be an accessory for this. I especially see no reason why some type of electronically operated lift cannot be incorporated into the door or bed itself so that one person can load/unload a motorcycle or any object 500 lbs or less. Given what the competition is offering and there being time before the EV3x is released their engineers should be able to come up with a solution to make up for no spare tire.
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Uhm. What? You want them to include something specific for your use case that would cost a ton and very few would use. No thanks
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Loading and unloading a motorcycle is a fairly common use for a pickup truck. If this wasn't true why would the CyberTruck have a ramp. I am not sure what you are basing the cost on but the bed already includes a power outlet so an electronically powered lift or built-in ramp is not out of the realm of possible considering the 200 accessories for the GHEV. And wosrt case if the cost is an issue (not sure why it would if you are willing to pay $100K+ for a pickup truck) then don't buy the accessory.
That isn't me loading it by myself, that is from their website, but I have a Silverado HD with 35" tires, so it is equivalent to the Hummer... Maybe higher since you can lower the Hummer with the air suspension... I can load my KTM by myself, but it does require a step (I use the bike stand)... I do not think that I would want to load something larger like a Harley or sport bike by myself... But my plan is to use this method when I get my Hummer..
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That makes sense, I was wondering how the person would walk the motorcycle up such a narrow ramp without falling off. My motorcycle weighs 440 lbs and has wider tires.

@MunneY I didn't state this earlier but my opinions are based on growing up in Texas which leads in pickup sales as well as using a variety of vehicles while in the Marine Corps including 7 tons, HMMWVs, MRAPs, etc...R. Lee Ermey and Arnold Schwarzenager would pretty much feel the exact same way.

Is there a thread for people to list accessories they would like to see available for the GHEV pickup?
The Multi pro tailgate gives you the step Incorporated to the tailgate to walk the bike up. If that isn’t sufficient for your use case I would look into a motor hoist that goes into the slots on the bed rail. Find an electric one that you can plug in to the bed.
something similar to Hft 1/2 Ton Capacity Pickup Truck Crane - Carkart
I guess I am the only one that sees this differently. I watched a youtube review of the GHEV demonstrating raising and lowering of the side step, essentially to make it a little easier to get into and out of the cab. Considering the target audience, it is hard for me to believe most people buying this will need assistance getting into the vehicle and not need assistance putting heavy machinery or equipment into the bed. I completely understand there are aftermarket solutions but how hard would it be for GMC to offer something similar to what you did for the same price.

Edit, After thinking about it some more, I will write to LeBron James and see if he will endorse my idea since suggestions from a military veteran about a military vehicle I guess is seen as crazy.
What OEM offers anything like that?

Tesla doesn't count. We haven't seen anything beyond the concept prototype.
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