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Marques is a Tesla fan boy, he has been driving Tesla's for more than 5 years, but he even called out the Plaid on the Yoke, which was an awful decision by Tesla to install, I mean it looks ok, but not practical at all.

GM should take Marques for a ride on and off road in the Hummer, so he can report on what it does.
I don’t know if Marques still plans to get his Cybertruck (he did a video a while ago saying he was getting one even though his first reaction video which sounded like he didn’t “get” trucks in the first place). Maybe the Ford ride along helped push him into liking trucks further as well. But, yea, a good fun off-road course ride could push him to the Hummer more as he seems to be a little wishy washy and will go with the latest thing! And the fact that the Hummer would be the best. 😜

In any case, I had the same reaction to it: no new information but nice for the Hummer to get more publicity from a high profile influencer.
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