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"Contract manufacturing superpower Magna International announced it is investing over $500 million to erect two new manufacturing facilities and expand a third in the state of Michigan. The new and expanded Magna facilities will develop components specifically for the growing market of electric vehicles and are expected to create over 1,500 new jobs in Michigan.

Its current facility in St. Clair, Michigan, is where Magna produces steel EV battery enclosures for GMC’s Hummer EV. According to an announcement today, Magna is allocating over $500 million to expand that current Michigan site and build two additional facilities to support the production of vital EV components.

In addition to the expansion of battery enclosure manufacturing in St. Clair, Michigan, Magna will erect new facilities to build powertrains in Shelby Township and seating components in Detroit. Magna’s chief marketing and sales officer Eric Wilds spoke to the company’s new $500 million commitment:

With our unmatched capabilities across our product areas, we continue to work with our customers to help them meet their mobility needs. We are excited to be able to bring new business, more investment and additional jobs to Michigan and we thank the state for its support."
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