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GM said on the earnings call Lordstown Ultium plant will start production in weeks at a rate of 20% of capacity, then ramp 20% per quarter. So this puts Lordstown at full production in towards the end of 2023, when production will start at Spring Hill, seems like GM is planning a Linear ramp of battery cell production.

20% of Lordstown capacity is 7 gWh annualized, so should be enough for 4000 HummerEV or Lyriq per month production in September- October- November, and ramping to 8000 a month in December January and February, ramping to 12000 per month in March, April, and May.

Other production starts that will impact battery supply

BrightDrop Van 11-2022 CAMI production start
Cruise Origin 12-2022
Hummer SUV 1-2023
SilveradoE 3-2023 WT version
Blazer EV 6-2023

(production start dates are the latest industry estimates based on suppliers)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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