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I was a little bit late learning about the new Hummer and completely missed the the 1st Announcement, but I think that I saw a news article about it after the Edition 1's sold out.... I got my EV3X in on 10/23/20...and I have been patiently waiting ever since and reading pretty much every post here as I wait... I am OK now to just live vicariously through those of you who have yours...
I hear that, I have a spring …. I mean summer 2022 reservation, still waiting for my built email.
So I’m living vicariously through all the guys that got theirs already!!!!
Any day!!!!!!!!
I still have not seen one in person!
A good friend of mine saw one yesterday, he said it looks like a Honda Ridgeline… I told him he’s nutz! Get the [email protected]&% Out of here!
Ridgeline…Are you kidding!!!!
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