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Is this the tonneau cover patent for the Hummer?

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I found this recent patent from GM showing a stowable tonneau cover for trucks:

Is this what they are going to use for the Hummer? I haven’t seen anything yet regarding this cool feature that I believe is still supposed to come with the truck. But from the drawings you may to forego the Multipro tailgate due to the way it winds up into the tailgate. Could be wrong here, but it looks pretty clever.
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Yea, it was really meant as something to whet your appetites more than a literal question. I guess I have seen too many “game over” videos on YouTube saying there is no competition for Tesla anymore. Check them out one day as they are quite humorous as to how one small Tesla invention/design means other manufacturers should just give up now! 🤪.

I look forward to the latest information myself. I hope we get a few more little tastes sometime soon.
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