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This is a tough one. I've thought about this on and off since the "news" came out, whether accurate or not.

GM has said that the car in the image AllTerrain provided was a Buick, so that isn't a Corvette anything.

As far as a totally different Corvette-inspired EV crossover, I'm not opposed to it at all. But I'd prefer the EV to take inspiration from the Camaro instead of the Corvette.

Buick as a brand is a hard one...I don't know what their identity should be here in North America. If we're being totally honest, the only reason that they're still for sale in NA (literally) is to make sure Chinese sales won't go through the floor. The Chinese won't buy an orphaned brand, they buy Buick because they believe it is quintessentially American. You kill it in America...and China sales are tanking.

I don't know if they should become more sporty. Buick has always been the softer-styled, more comfortable brand with attainable luxury. Cadillac USED to be all about top-end, high-class luxury, until they lost that in the 80's and then pivoted to performance in the 2000's. Problem is, now they want to return to focusing almost exclusively on luxury, even though their performance V sub-brand has incredible value. Should Buick become more sporty when Cadillac becomes more luxury, especially since Buick is known for not being sporty while Cadillac IS known for being sporty?? It's a tough issue for GM.
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