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I fixed it my self ! Love my Hummer ! Last OTA had problems probably my fault, ( opened a door or something). Caused what I call a corrupted OTA.
Caused the following to happen.
1 head lights blinking (even when turned off or on auto.
2 tail lights blinking. Cab lights blinking,
3 Indicators after 11th blinks, would miss a beat, I nicknamed this irregular heart beat.
4 lane change alert (LCA) would go out after about 15 minutes of driving.
So love my Hummer and did not want to leave at the dealer for how long 2 days, 2 weeks who knows.
So I got to thinking – when you install or download a program to a computer you have to reboot. So I wanted to disconnect the positive terminal on the 12 volt system turns out the negative terminal is easier to disconnect, leave disconnected for 1 minute then reconnect. You have to reprogram the windows, easy breezy just follow the prompts on the screen.
All problems went away ( what a good day for me!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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