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Your points are all reasonable, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating. Even though I agree with what you posted, I still feel the manufacturers can do a better job of releasing real estimates regarding range on a new vehicle like the Hummer. I am sure someone has run the numbers at GM. GM has produced a lot of vehicles, and a lot of batteries, so they probably know within +/- 5% what the real range will be in the city and on the highway. I am sure Rivian knew well before they did EPA testing - and the public still doesn't know. 400+ what?

That said, except for Tesla, car manufacturers are sensitive to reporting incorrect information because it hurts their reputations. So I get why they would be reluctant to share their estimates. But I still wish they would.
Not only do car companies not want to be wrong. They know EPA numbers are going to be way more conservative than the numbers they record while testing.

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GM would not gain anything making the number public today though, first year orders are full, and 350+ was good enough for the people ordering.

Tesla did the opposite with Cybertruck, they offered a 3 motor, 500 mile truck that can tow 14k lbs, for $69K I think you will be waiting a long time for that one, as Tesla will go BK selling it. It will be interesting to see how the story develops on the $69K cybertruck. I think Tesla will forget that model for a while and do some limited edition for $100K or more, maybe throw in 4 wheel steer. The later Cybertrucks $49K and $39K have even worse economics... puzzling how this will be achieved.

On the range fudging, it seems Tesla is not the only one that exaggerates, most of the automotive startups have varying levels of exaggeration, although with the Rivian, if their battery is indeed 135 kWh, 300 miles should be in the cards.
GM will gain my great appreciation if they release their +/- 5% estimates. That and a bag of donuts will get them a bad of donuts. ;-)

I don't know how Tesla will deliver what they promised either. They are obviously counting on a lot of advancements like the ones they discussed in the last Battery Day, which they have not managed to get to production volumes yet. They need to achieve them though, otherwise the competition will eat them alive. Many are waking up to the fact that a 402 mile Model S gets about the same range as the Porsche Tycan in a 75 mph highway test, even though their EPA ranges are WAY different. (Tesla does a lot better than the Tycan with city range; though I personally care a lot more about highway range.)

And 400+ miles should be possible with the 180 kWh Rivian R1T as well. But what is the "+"?

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Hey @Aloppen! How was Barrett-Jackson? Any idea on when you will start the testing for the Hummer SUV?
With the increase of Hummer EV prototype spottings I think we could be close!

This one was caught crab walking in traffic late last week.

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