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HummerEV 70 mph Highway Range Test

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OK, clickbait title, I do not know the result of the InsideEV range test yet, but figure those of us owners should make some guesses?

I had guessed around 300 miles, I am seeing closer to 400 miles in mixed driving, but it definitely is lower on the highway. What do you folks think the 70 MPH range test result will be?
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I would guess around 25% at least thats what I say yesterday. about 99 miles freeway 70-80mph and 15 miles off-road up to 3500 ft.

340 Range at 100% before leaving
214 Range at 65% when returning

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Did a quick trip to our property to make sure every thing was good. Trip was 70mph 98% of the time, had a couple lead foot moments as well. Three adults, food and cloths for an overnighter. The range is very accurate unlike other EV's where you are deducting 25% off the top. Love this truck!

Very happy with the results, did not have a pick when we left on the way up but at 100% range was 331miles, arrived with 68% and 227 mile range left. Trip up was 103 miles. Highest mi/kwh was 2.2 at times, fluctuated between 1.5-2.2.

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The trip back was the same 103 miles, range at 100% was 331miles, arrived with 69% 232 mile range left.
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