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Hey All,

Hope you are all healthy and well. The old "Daily Hummer Search" today (I've been slacking a bit recently) brought to my attention this article from, which came out a few hours ago. According to GM advanced technology spokeswoman Megan Soule, the pandemic outbreak will have "little to no" impact on the Hummer EV variants (as well as the Cadillac Lyriq). Presumably this means impact on the production schedule.

I understand that automakers like to have live media there, but I hope GM realizes that they still need to reveal the Hummer while anticipation is still high, as this virus could go on for months. Plus, it gives enthusiasts like us something to look forward to when we're stuck at home! I'm all for a livestream, please do it GM, and keep the May 20th date!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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