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Hummer EV SUV/Pickup 3X Omega Edition

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Very Limited Special Edition:
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

The Omega Edition HUMMER EV Pickup and SUV will include:
  • Limited edition Neptune Blue Matte1 exterior paint color
  • Extreme Off-Road Package
  • Black exterior badges
  • Transparent Sky Panels
  • Exclusive 18-inch gloss black beadlock-capable wheels with Carbon Flash trim ring
  • Exclusive high lux carpet flooring insert
  • MultiPro tailgate audio speaker system by Kicker (Pickup only)
  • Black beadlock mounted spare wheel (SUV only)
  • Exclusive Neptune Blue Matte1 spare tire cover (SUV only)
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Good on GM for recognizing they can bilk their customers for even more money.

Interesting to see more paint colors out of GM's most advanced paint shop ever.
This was my reaction as well. Add $10K in options and a unique paint color, give it a cool name, and sell it for an extra $40k, which happens to be around the price pick-ups are reselling for. Smart way to get customers to voluntarily pay above their reservation price.

I also imagine this may reduce the desirability of the Edition 1 if this is ends up being an even more exclusive and higher end version of the Hummer.

Wish GM would focus on ramping up production on the base models rather than worrying about special editions but can't really fault GM for seeing an opportunity to increase profit margin.
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I’d get this but I like green more. Is the up charge just for cosmetic features?
Cosmetic plus extreme off-road package.
I like the paint color, and all the power to anyone who gets one, but at $139,995 - $149,995 no thank you.
Agree. Really like the paint color and would be willing to pay a premium for it. But I don't want the extreme off-road package and the paint isn't worth $40k to me. There will be plenty of people willing to pay though, which is why this is smart on GM's part.
So inflation caused the nonsensical upcharge?

You can justify it however you want. I could wrap my vehicle in blue from what I have seen it costs 5k...spray paint the wheels in a gloss black and have the same vehicle for about $5,050 plus the 6k markup GM did so I still save almost 9k...factor for inflation.

Not trying to be argumentative just trying to understand the crazy shift to another "limited edition" other than a money grab. Especially when they haven't delivered on any ED1 SUVs yet.

Just a stupid anyone concerned about "Omega" meaning last thrown around?
I don't think anyone is suggesting this isn't a money grab. It absolutely is a money grab. Just like the rest of us, GM can see that people are willing to pay a ridiculous premium for special edition Hummers and GM is trying to capitalize on that by offering the "opportunity" for customers to voluntarily pay well over reservation price for possibly the most exclusive, highest priced version of the Hummer with special blue paint that lets everyone know it's said special edition (which may be worth $20k to some people).

It's frustrating that GM is announcing special editions while it continues to botch production of the base versions but GM is a public company that is focused on its bottom line. Maybe the upcharge is based on lost profits (evidenced by resale value and/or inflation). Or maybe the additional charge is meant to cover GMs cost related to battery replacements. Regardless, people will pay it and GM knows that.
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