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Hummer EV SUV/Pickup 3X Omega Edition

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Very Limited Special Edition:
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

The Omega Edition HUMMER EV Pickup and SUV will include:
  • Limited edition Neptune Blue Matte1 exterior paint color
  • Extreme Off-Road Package
  • Black exterior badges
  • Transparent Sky Panels
  • Exclusive 18-inch gloss black beadlock-capable wheels with Carbon Flash trim ring
  • Exclusive high lux carpet flooring insert
  • MultiPro tailgate audio speaker system by Kicker (Pickup only)
  • Black beadlock mounted spare wheel (SUV only)
  • Exclusive Neptune Blue Matte1 spare tire cover (SUV only)
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And an opportunity to play off the H1 Alpha name with the HEV Omega.
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“Here’s a new special-er edition of a truck we’re already a year behind on delivering the previous special edition of and haven’t delivered a single normal version of.” Just salt in the wound of those of us waiting for our trucks. And a thinly veiled attempt to get in on the over MSRP money they’ve “missed” out on until now. They priced the Escalade-V the same way; it should list for $125-130k but they priced it internally at the height of the car market bubble and didn’t look back. Likewise, I think they’re pricing the “Omega” version like the over MSRP market never ended and will never go away for the Hummer EV.
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Yeah, but that isn’t the one described in the Omega write-up (unless they just powder coated it black):
  • Exclusive 18-inch gloss black beadlock-capable wheels with Carbon Flash trim ring
I'm guessing they're just a gloss black painted version of the bronze beadlock with a dark carbon fiber ring around the edge. It might be the lighting but there appears to be a carbon weave pattern on the rims in the picture above.
Just a stupid anyone concerned about "Omega" meaning last thrown around?
I think someone in marketing thought it was a "clever" callback to the H1 Alpha, that's all. Because Hummer EV Beta would have a whole different meaning in modern parlance.
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