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Hummer EV SUV/Pickup 3X Omega Edition

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Very Limited Special Edition:
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

The Omega Edition HUMMER EV Pickup and SUV will include:
  • Limited edition Neptune Blue Matte1 exterior paint color
  • Extreme Off-Road Package
  • Black exterior badges
  • Transparent Sky Panels
  • Exclusive 18-inch gloss black beadlock-capable wheels with Carbon Flash trim ring
  • Exclusive high lux carpet flooring insert
  • MultiPro tailgate audio speaker system by Kicker (Pickup only)
  • Black beadlock mounted spare wheel (SUV only)
  • Exclusive Neptune Blue Matte1 spare tire cover (SUV only)
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I built my Edition 1 the same way -(minus) the blue color, gloss black and "carpet" ...(not available) but bronze beadlock, bronze badging, tire cover, level 2 home charger (by the way not mentioned if included) and off road package....almost 20k less so if blue is your thing have at it...good luck GM trying to sell a different color paint job for 20k.

I'm pretty sure Edition 1 badging would outweigh "Omega". As Edition 1 means FIRST EDITION and for anyone following along ... "Omega" is LAST...or maybe GM will be dropping the Hummer brand AGAIN after they complete all the reservations including the "Omega" editions.

¿Just wondering if blue is worth 20k¿

I may have missed something.
Not trading my ED1 but would like to see a better picture of the bead-lock capable wheels for possible future wheel swap.
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

This is the bronze beadlock.
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I agree that 20K for paint wouldn’t be worth it. You have to remember though, the price you and I paid was based on the 2020 inflation rate. My MSRP was $112,595. I just checked, that is $131,740 in today’s dollars.
So inflation caused the nonsensical upcharge?

You can justify it however you want. I could wrap my vehicle in blue from what I have seen it costs 5k...spray paint the wheels in a gloss black and have the same vehicle for about $5,050 plus the 6k markup GM did so I still save almost 9k...factor for inflation.

Not trying to be argumentative just trying to understand the crazy shift to another "limited edition" other than a money grab. Especially when they haven't delivered on any ED1 SUVs yet.

Just a stupid anyone concerned about "Omega" meaning last thrown around?
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