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I have gotten pretty quick at taking on and off (it rains on a sunny days here in FL). Having owned some Jeeps with Freedom Panels - The hummer panels ARE SO MUCH LIGHTER. Way easier to lock into place. And I LOVE that the bags are NOT made by some Italian tailor. There is plenty of room to easily place the panel in and zip it up. I also love how the designers thought to position in the hump in the Frunk to easily stack the roof panels. Honestly it's all around brilliant design in my opinion. 4 half doors with 4 t-tops. Though my I-beam did leak like a sieve. The dealer just swapped it out for the re-designed one and its now water tight.
It leaked? did you have an early build? I wonder if mine has the updated I-Beam? September Build.
Also I bought the sky panel boxes, super secure, a little bulky but very secure!
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