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All of the GM dealers who have bought into the Hummer EV program will get an Hummer EV pickup or SUV for showroom/demo purposes and they can sell them at a later date. My dealership will be getting an Edition 1 truck. Some dealerships with few reservations may not get one right away and some may opt to wait for the SUV demo unit over the truck, some may do both if they're big enough. Originally the dealerships who bought in were supposed to get an Edition 1 truck, but it seems dealers keep joining in and they all can't have an Edition 1.

The only showcase event I've been aware of is the one in Texas that just happened or is happening now. I'm sure there will be more in the coming months.

I wish you luck on your savings endeavor! On the bright side, the technology and these trucks will only improve over the next few years. So, in theory, and also high probability, that you will be able to get more truck for less money if you wait. Positive silver lining there.

I was able to see the truck at Barrett-Jackson and it looks amazing in person. Too bad we had to stand behind the rope about 8 feet away, I would have loved to sit in it.
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